FOF Music Portal Upgrade to Version 4.20
  Feb 20, 2022
  Site Upgrades
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This release brings user historical listens into the fold. Specifically, what you listen to is tied to you as a user and can be viewed by you whenever you like. Please note that as part of this release our privacy statement and terms of use have changed.

What We're Listening To

  • This enhancement gives us the ability to show you what our Four on Four administrators are listening to on the site. You can find this on the Home Page
User Historical Listens (User Profile)

  • You can now see what tracks you've previously listened to on the site and how long ago. This information is available as part of your user profile which is viewable when you login by clicking your username in the uppermost corner of the menu bar
  • We've updated the privacy policy on the site. Given that this release now ties information about your actions on the site specifically to you and we can see that, the privacy policy has notably changed. Your privacy is important to us so please read it.
  • We've updated the terms of use on the site. Please make sure you review them.

  • We've added a page for administrators to add videos on the site
  • We've added a page for administrators to link videos to tracks
  • A function on the user's action bar with the icon now let's you see if a video exists for that track
User Preferences

  • You can now see as part of your login information which of your user preferences are active
  • We've added a user preference to allow users to automatically expand the 'Related Mixes' section for all track
Mixes Menu

  • We added a filter on the Main Menu for the Mixes option to allow you to filter on which genre you want to see

  • We've renewed the site's SSL certificate as part of our yearly maintenance
  • The various favorites viewable in the user's preference page now all show in order date descending with most recent favorites at the top of the list
  • The 'show audiio attributes' preference now works correctly on tracks

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