Four on Four was started in 2015 by Italian DJ Alexander (Claudio Alessandro Pellegrini) as an online project to expose great electronic music in the industry as well as his own mixes and music selections via a weekly show called 'Four on Four Radio'. Most recently, Four on Four has grown into its own brand carrying with it a true identity for Alexander and his dj'ing style.

Based in San Diego, California, DJ Alexander was first introduced to the club scene during the late 1990's techno and rave parties where he followed the sounds of prominent and now internationally famous dj Markus Schulz who back then held his primary residency at club 'The Works' in Scottsdale, Arizona. DJ Alexander has been involved in the DJ scene for over 20 years and takes his international music experiences from Italy, France, Greece, and many other places across the world to mix a sound that is unique to the club industry. His evolving style of music looks to today's genres to create absolutely seamless harmonic house and EDM mixes that carry an intense and very danceable energy and flow.

Alexander's style revolves primarily around the various house music genres (future house, deep house, tech house, classic house, house) but has also bled into some mixes in the EDM style and involves not only beat matching but harmonic and energy matching, giving him full control of the mix and experience he wants his listeners to have. All of his mixes can be found on Mixcloud, Soundcloud and here, on his official site, where they can be listened to and downloaded.

The Four on Four Team:

DJ Alexander
Resident DJ
The founder and the talent behind Four on Four. DJ Alexander brings all his house and EDM mixes and style to the site with special music reviews, how to guides and DJ crate recommendations.

Casey Gentry
Data Governance
Casey takes care of our site data and keeps it accurate and complete, which is why we think he's pretty important to the team. We're not sure how he does it. All we know is that he runs a bunch of interesting reports every so often to tell him how clean our data is.

Krissie McDaniels
Creative & UX
Krissie is at the head of our creative department where she uses her excellent artistic style to make the site visually appealing and easy to use. When she first came on the team she told us she likes to draw, so that's what we decided to have her do for us. See that button you're clicking? She drew it herself.

Shawn Bryan
Social Media Director
Whether it's Twitter, Facebook or Soundcloud, you'll find Shawn hard at work keeping our social channels active, reaching out to our fans and posting DJ Alexander's mixes, reviews and how-to guides on our social channels for all to enjoy.

Brent Edwards
Quality Assurance Department
We're not perfect and sometimes our site has bugs. Brent makes sure that we catch those bugs quickly and fix them for good. When there's no bugs, Brent goes on vacation. He's doing a pretty good job of keeping those bugs at bay so we're not sure when he'll be back.

Allison Wood
Music Sourcing, Quality & Inventory
Allison is our librarian on all things 'music'. We have a lot of it on the site! She takes care of refreshing the site with current tracks that are making their way out to clubs. She's also the one that makes sure that track you're listening to sounds good...and we mean 'high fidelity' as in...really, really good.

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