FOF Music Portal Upgrade to Version 4.22.0
  May 1, 2023
  Site Upgrades
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This release focuses primarily on improved user experience for login and a migration to AWS Simple Email Services.

This paves the way for enhanced security features using two-factor authentication with email and SMS channels. These will be delivered in the next major release of the portal.

In version 4.22 we also focus on enabling improved debug capabilites for administrators and allow turning those services on or off via administrator preferences.

  • We've added support for single quotes for administrators when adding a slide and also increased the exception handling
  • Newest content is now presented first in lists, whereas it was previously being shown in alphabetical order
  • We've changed the label image to the standard 'sorry no image' when no image is available so it aligns with other parts of the site
  • The band name has been added in the drop down list when administrators add a track to a mix to make it easier to differentiate when multiple tracks are available with the same name
  • The Add Post page now presents confirmation details on submission
  • Various confirmation pages now show debug detail for queries to administrators when the debug preference is set
  • Confirmation pages also show a referrer link for administrators to go back to the previous page they were on prior to insert or updates
  • We've added a section to show common labels for the respective genre in each of the radio channels
  • Implemented support for quotes on album names in the Albums, Albums for Bands, and Tracks for Album pages
  • We've migrated to AWS' Simple Email Service to support transactional email functions of the portal
  • Administrators now have a new screen to view and edit email templates
  • The user login experience has been redesigned to be more streamlined with industry UX standards and require as little information up front as possible to start the registration process
  • Registered users can now login using either their email address or username
  • We updated the site version to 4.22.0

  • The Expand Related Mixes preference now defaults correctly to a value of 'N' as part of user registration
  • Track and album names are now trimmed to exclude leading or trailing spaces during insert or update
  • Fixed administrator notifications to not show unless the user is an administrator
  • Corrected a scenario where the 'Unlink this track from this mix' option was incorrectly showing up in the menu when the administrator was not on the Mixes page
  • Corrected a scenario where the 'Link this track to a mix' option was incorrectly showing up in the menu when the administrator was not on the Mixes page
  • The Advanced Search page has now been fixed to return results correctly
  • We've removed the administrator options on the user footer of tracks on the Home page
  • Genre links on the Mixes pages were broken and have now been fixed
  • The administrator preference for debug is now showing up correctly for mobile devices
  • The 'Scroll to bottom' button is now showing up correctly on mobile devices
  • The Permissions for Role page is now correctly pulling the the role selected and now that of the logged in user
  • Fixed an issue where the album image on track listings for an album would not display when the name contained single quotes

Four on Four (Production)    ver. 4.22.0
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