FOF Music Portal Upgrade to Version 4.21.0
  Jan 7, 2023
  Site Upgrades
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This release has spanned the later part of 2022 but brings some key updates which have been essential for the site's continued availability and functional success.

Migration to AWS

  • Back in June of this year, our hosting provider (GoDaddy) informed us that that we had exceeded the storage limits afforded to us by our subscription with them. GoDaddy also indicated to us that their services were not designed to support a site such as ours which hosts and streams music.

    This event forced us to consider a move to a new hosting provider and given our sizable storage requirements, we decided to move the site, as well as all our music and mixes, to AWS. To date this option has worked well for us. AWS affords us unlimited storage and the performance of the site has been better if not on par with our previous hosting provider.

  • We are working on further categorizing the styles of mixes that we publish through a concept of channels. These can be found in the Mixes section of the site.

    Today, we have defined several channels including Systematik for epic trance, Bloom for progressive trance, Fishmouth for progressive house, and Rust for lounge. Four on Four will continue to be the go-to for Future House and EDM.

    Today the channels are only hosting mixes pertinent to each style but keep an eye out for related news and tracks to make their way on channels.
Auto-calculation of Track Position for Mixes and Playlists

  • This feature improves the experience for administrators and DJs while creating tracklists for a mix or a playlist. When a new track is added, the position is automatically determined based on the position of the last track in that mix or playlist
Add Track to Playlist

  • We've added a new form for administrators and DJs to be able to add new tracks to playlists
Link Album to Label

  • We've added some menu entries on the administration menu under the context of albums to be able to link the album to a label directly from the album itself. Previously, the only option to do this was to go to the Labels page, select the label in question and link the album from there.
Copy to Clipboard

  • We've added a new icon next to the names of producers, bands, albums, tracks, labels, as well as tracks for playlists and mixes that let's you copy the name to your clipboard. Want to look something up? Copy the name of that band, album or track and off you go!
Producers UI

  • We've converted the producers UI to card format.
Playlists UI

  • We've converted the playlists UI to card format.

  • The revisions functionality on the site has been updated to include relationships as part of history. This functionality is applicable to bands, albums, tracks, labels, producers, playlists and mixes.
Scrolling Buttons

  • A new scrolling button to scroll down has been added to complement the existing button to scroll up.

  • We fixed several reports to align with the site's pages and existing look and feel
  • We fixed several card headers to align with the site's headers on other pages
  • The site certificate was updated as part of ongoing maintenance.

Four on Four (Production)    ver. 4.21.2
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