Shikodachi: Four on Four's first 2018 exclusive mix.
  Feb 1, 2018
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Nobody would be surprised that I picked that title for the first exclusive mix in 2018 if they thought long and hard about the DJs I aspire to. Before I go into what this mix is all about let's briefly explain what Shikodachi is - it's a stance often mentioned in regards to the world of karate styles and is known as the 'open stance' or 'horse stance' applicable to various katas, including Goju Ryu, Shito Ryu and Uechi Ryu. It is often a continuing stance where another important stance, Kibadachi, ends.

What is Shikodachi?
So, enough about definitions - this mix is part of a two-mix series with both mixes in the EDM genre. The other mix will be appropriately titled Kibadachi and will be released sometime around July of this year. Shikodachi and Kibadachi are terms meant to exude powerful stances and these mixes will be no different. I expect these mixes will deliver a ton of great music and a ton of intensity and energy in these sets.

Great mixes are here to stay.
The Shikodachi mix comes with no light mention. As a mix it is a kickoff to renew my dj'ing efforts back to personal principles that I've always followed in my DJ career. Those are to make sure my mixes follow a theme and that the tracks in each mix are carefully chosen and curated. Those two principles come to equal only one thing: time...and a lot of it. Infact, it takes a significant amount of time to find the right sounds, orchestrate them and make sure they bring about a great flow. When this process is done carefully and methodically, the rewards are great and the mixes turn into masterpieces - true works of sound and energy. So that's one of my goals in 2018 - better mixes with carefully chosen tracks that are the 'best of the best' and make for an incredible set. Shikodachi will be just that to kick off 2018 properly - even if we all have to wait a bit to hear it.

So without further mention, I bring you the absolutely sickest mix I have ever produced and welcome you to what will be an incredible year of Four on Four in 2018. Here is Shikodachi. You can listen to it here on the official site or head out to Mixcloud and listen to it there on Mixcloud.The tracklist as well as links to listen to the mix without play restrictions and download it are posted here under the 'Mixes' section.

DJ Alexander

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