FOF Music Portal Upgrade to Version 4.19.0
  Aug 8, 2021
  Portal Upgrades
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It's been a long time coming and we've put in alot of hours but it's finally here: user favorites.

In version 4.19 the majority of the functionality we release is related to user favorites but we've also included some other goodies in there for you such as videos, early release previews on mixes, usability and security features.

User Favorites (Action Bar)

  • The user favorite function has now been enabled in the Action Bar of several entities within the portal. The favorite action is represented by a icon.
  • The favorite action is available for registered users only
  • You can now click on the icon on a   producer,   label,   band,   album,   track,   video or news article.
  • When favoriting an item, the heart icon turns red .
  • Any item that you've set as a favorite shows the date/time you favorited it in the footer above the action bar.
  • To unfavorite a favorited item, simply click on the icon again. The icon returns to it's previous color.
User Favorites (User Profile)

  • You can always see what items you've favored by clicking on your username in the upper right hand corner and clicking on the heart icon in the user profile overview page. The heart icon in the user profile page shows the total number of items that you've favorited across the site. The  user favorites page comes up. This page is broken down into the various collapsed sections representing all the items that can be favorited. Content previews show how many items of each kind you've favorited.
  • Click on the icon to expand the section.
  • You can unfavorite items from this page if you so wish. Once unfavorited, those items no longer show in this list.
User Favorites (Charts)

  • Charts for favorites on various elements across the site have been introduced under the Charts page. Want to know what content is being favorited most? The charts section can tell you that.
Sneak Peek / Early Access on Mixes

  • We've introduced another feature as a reward for registering members. Now when you register on Four on Four you can get previews or sneak peeks on mixes that are still work in progress as early access.
  • To view and listen to early access mixes, login to the site and then go to the Mixes page. Mixes in early access are shown. Click on any mix in early access to view the tracklist. Keep in mind that mixes in early access are still a work in progress so tracklists may contain as few as two tracks.
  • Mixes in early access are updated on the site as they progress so you can keep track of how the mix is shaping up.

  • We've added a DJ page which provides you a photo and description of a particular DJ.
  • On the Mixes page you can see the DJ mentioned who recorded this mix. Now you can click on their name to be taken to the DJ page and find out more about them.

  • You may have noticed that we added a section on videos to the Home page. You can now click on the View More  icon
  • to see videos that we've added to the site.
  • Simply click the video to watch it
  • Videos can be favorited along with other content on the site.
  • We will be adding more functionality on videos in the coming months
Forgot Password

  • We've provided the forgot password functionality as a follow on key function for registered members.
  • The forgot password functionality is available from the Login page
Help Guides

  • We've introduced the Book of FOF as a guide for users who would like a little guidance on how to use the site. A link to the guide is provided on the Home page
Help (Contextual)

  • We're starting to add contextual help across the site where it makes sense and for aspects of the site that may not be very intuitive. Simply look for the  icon for more explanation on what that feature does.
Session User vs. Transactional User

  • We've been running into some issues where the session user and transactional user are sometimes treated as the same entity (which they are not). This has caused problems such as seeing details for the currently logged in user when clicking on the user link for a user who is indicated next to site content (as the author)
  • We are addressing this issue by explicitly separating variables (via naming conventions) that hold user IDs that represent the currently logged in user from those that are related to and have authored past content.
Email on User Profile and Privacy Settings

  • We added a user's email address as part of the user profile. A user can specify in the User Prefences section of their user profile whether to show this to site users as part of their profile.

  • We've added events for August to the   Events Calendar
  • Photos for producers are now available and viewable in the Producers page
  • We moved the Advanced Search function to the Action Bar and gave it a new icon .
  • We removed the Pardon Our Dust banner from the Home page now that version 4.19 has been released.

  • Fixed styling on the chart titles
  • A link to genre from the Tracks page is now updated and working properly
  • Positioning of the footer on the News page is now fixed and displaying correctly
  • Fixed an administrative page for adding mixes to ensure it wouldn't wipe data when an administrator saved changes
  • We fixed an issue with the  User Profile page to ensure it wouldn't wipe data when a user saved changes
  • We removed some duplicate records from the Producers page and consolidated the relationships to Albums accordingly.

Four on Four     ver. 4.20.1
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