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  Mar 27, 2021
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Hello everyone, this is Krissy McDaniels, Creative Director for Four on Four. I'd like to present to you one of the updates that we've made which I'm very excited about.

As we've been adding content on the Four on Four site, we've been noticing that at times, some of the text for titles and sub-titles on the images is hard to read. This can be due to the background or color of the image or even positioning of the text.

To address this issue, we've made a change to our overlays which you'll already see present on the site. This change entails providing background shading to the titles and subtitles of images so that the text is more legible and can be clearly seen.

After looking at many options, we think that this style is the correct one as it goes well with our overall Bootstrap theme style that is 'container like' and has rectangle and square sections for text.

Along with the shading, we've moved the text to now be positioned at the top of the image and read horizontal left to right instead of vertical, bottom to top. We believe that this will be easier on the eyes of the viewer so they can detect the text quickly, even when it's on a thumbnail of the image.

You will see us applying this style on images going forward. For consistency we'll also be converting some of the images on older content to match this style. Our social sites like Mixcloud, Soundcloud and Twitter will also be updated to match.

We are also applying higher resolution images to our carousels to improve the crispness of the image. We recognize that this means larger images for the site to load but this is a small expense to take on for a higher quality site. It is also worth noting that the carousel images are cached by the browser after they load the first time so your browsing experience on Four on Four should be relatively quick (unless you clear your browser cache after every visit).

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