Traxsource: Finding Tracks in E Flat Minor
  Oct 11, 2020
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Many hardcore house djs know that Traxsource is one of the holy grails for getting some of the best house music out there. Regardless, for djs like myself who also favor harmonic mixing and use the Camelot Key system, Traxsource creates some challenges.

This past weekend, I was looking around on the site to find some good tracks keyed in harmonic key E Flat Minor, or according to the Camelot Key system,    2A. Although Traxsource does provide the harmonic key of the track, it does not provide it in Camelot notation. It also does not allow you to search tracks by harmonic key. This makes it difficult when you are trying to find a track that will work well harmonically in a section of a mix.

So In doing my search I went ahead and converted the Camelot key to the regular key notation and then started browsing tracks on Traxsource to find one in E Flat Minor. What I soon discovered is that Traxsource has no tracks in that key...and I mean...none. I searched hundreds of tracks, forwards and backwards across various lists and didn't find a single one keyed in E Flat Minor.

My next approach was to go to Beatport and find a good house track in 2A. The plan was to then go look for that same track on Traxsource and see what the harmonic key was listed as. Because you also cannot search tracks by harmonic key on Beatport, I resorted to another trusty site I use a lot called Beatport Charts. The beauty of this site is that although it is not affiliated with Beatport itself, you can search for any and all tracks on Beatport by harmonic key, bpm, genre (just like you can here on the Four on Four portal!). This is extremely convenient for a harmonic dj who uses the Camelot key system.

The track I found was  Norman Doray's   Tell The World on the   CR2 label. This track is listed as keyed in    2A. I then went to Traxsource and looked up the same track. Note that it did take me a bit of work to find a track that was on both sites. Infact, not every house track on Traxsource is on Beatport and vice-versa and personally, I find Traxsource to be a better source for good house music than Beatport. Many of the house tracks on Beatport feel like they fall in the   Electro House front.

Anyway, I looked up the track on Traxsource and what I discovered is that the track is listed in the key of 'G Flat Minor' which as it turns out doesn't exist on the Camelot key system. Mystery solved. What's interesting though is that the key does exist on the natural key scale.

The question I now have is...did Traxsource just mistype the key or did they really intend to key it as G Flat Minor? In summary though, if you are looking for tracks in 2A on Traxsource, you'll want to keep an eye out for the ones listed as 'G Flat Minor'.

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