FOF Music Portal Upgrade to Version 4.13
  Aug 4, 2020
  Site Upgrades
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We have started rolling out some of the features that are part of version 4.13 and which include quality of life features, mainly to reduce scrolling and clicking, as well as continued improvements to make the layouts for track pages and news pages more intuitive from a viewing perspective.

  • Pages now have a 'scroll to top' feature which activates when the user scrolls past 25% of the page. This feature is intended to reduce user scrolling on long running pages such as track listings or news articles
  • We've added durations on all our mixes.
  • Changes to icons, particularly on the administrative sections for lookup tables such as categories and sub-categories. Icons are also being used on the attributes for tracks, namely label, producer, band, album, track, bpm, etc. The icon for bands and users have also been changed.
  • News articles now have the sections within called out with a section title and an icon   similar to what you see in this news article. This is to break up the monotony on long articles and to provide clear and meaningful structure to the article
  • News articles now have icons whenever a label, producer, band, album or track is called out
  • A user's profile can now be viewed when clicking on their username link from a news article. Here you can see the user's picture, when they joined, how many content contributions and comments they've made and how many tracks they've rated
  • Pages now show how many times they've been visited
  • The landing page has been rearranged to have new tracks on the left, mix and dj spotlights in the center and news on the right. This makes the page cleaner and easier to follow
  • Administrative pages to see an application's categories and sub-categories within those categories have been added. Administrators can now also link sub-categories to categories, and posts to sub-categories
  • The play and download controls now have labels to show exactly what they are for
  • All clickable links and icons that are eligible for user action are now shown in orange color to indicate to the user that they can interact with that particular link or icon
  • You can now view revisions that have been made to tracks and albums, what the revision entailed and who made it. These can be viewed by clicking the history icon next to the ID of the track or the album
  • Administrative pages to add albums and tracks have been updated to capture historical revisions and make them viewable as discussed above
  • We've added administrative pages for viewing registered users and the roles that are assigned to them as well as the permissions those roles carry. We will continue extending the administrative pages to increase self-service on management functions for administrators via the portal itself.
  • We've replaced many of the fields on administrative pages with dropdowns that have the available values. This is with the intent of improving data quality and data integrity versus having free form fields where any value can be entered.
Various usability fixes have also been made:

  • The album image when clicked was taking the user to a non-existing page. This has been fixed
  • Pagination buttons have been restyled to be easier to read
  • An error when adding a new news article has been fixed. Users are now required to add the post and then link it to the application and to the sub-category separately
  • We've fixed instances where the label on album and track listings repeats across the rest of the albums that don't have labels until the list reaches an album that does have an associated label
  Known Issues
  • There is currently a bug related to pagination on the track pages that shows tracks correctly on the first few pages but doesn't show any tracks on later pages when there should obviously be some
  • When logged in as an administrator, the tracks from track listings for mixes don't show the download action as being available

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