Release Notes
IDReleaseTypeRelease Note
834.13.1FWhen a user creates a post, their user ID will now automatically be populated in the form. The user cannot change this value in the field.
824.13.1FAn issue has been corrected related to publishing posts where the post would not be properly associated to the application nor to the sub-category that the user selected for that post
814.13.1EA user can now click on a user's contribution count from the user profile and see the posts related to that user
744.11.0EChanged the 'Quick Search' function to present as a drop down selection when the user is on the mobile site. The 'Quick Search' function remains as is when on presented on a desktop format.
734.11.0FIntroduced a fix for the mobile site where the hamburger menu was not collapsing as it should after being expanded
724.11.0EChanged all pages related to albums so that they present albums using cards instead of a table. This includes pages for displaying all albums as well as albums for producers and labels.
714.11.0EChanged all pages related to tracks so that they present tracks using cards instead of a table. This includes pages for displaying all tracks as well as tracks for albums and labels and tracks by harmonic key, bpm and genre.
704.10.0FApplied pagination to the 'Bands' page so as to be consistent with other pages that have results that span multiple pages.
694.10.0FFixed an issue where the 'Tracks by Label' page was showing duplicates of tracks for as many times as the number of bands related to that album.
684.10.0EBand biographies are now part of the site. We will be working on refining this feature further over the next few months so that it works effectively on both desktop and mobile versions.
674.10.0ESimplified the UI layout and introduced cards in several sections to make the UI look more consistent and sections look well defined.
664.10.0EAdded several new genres. Two deep house genres were added with the intention of classifying the deep house genre further into 'soulful' and 'sexy' categories. A 'Lounge' genre has also been added to hold what have previously been deep house tracks that are smoother and not as up-beat in nature.
654.10.0EMade the resource library includes a single component for ease of maintenance and to introduce re-usability across the site.
644.10.0EAdded the ability to insert, update and delete all entities on the site through the UI when logged in with an administrator role. This includes producers, bands, albums, tracks, genres, harmonic keys, bpm, mixes, playlists and various other entities.
634.10.0FFixed an issue where the carousel was not displaying images for the site when viewed on a mobile device.
624.10.0FFixed a browser site compatibility issue with IE Edge where the browser could not retrieve the duration of the track and would display 'NaN' when the track started playing.
614.10.0FFixed a browser compatibility issue where the music player icon was not being set to the correct opacity on IE Edge.
604.10.0FPagination was missing on the 'Tracks by Genre' page. This has now been added.
594.10.0FCorrected an issue where the track count on the 'Tracks by Genre' page was not reflecting the number of tracks on the page.
584.10.0FQuick search was displaying on various pages where it should not have been. This has been corrected via the new page configuration framework.
574.10.0FFixed an issue where the 'Latest Arrivals' page was not displaying any content when viewed on a mobile device.
564.10.0FFixed an issue where the producer name was not displaying on the 'Albums by Producer' page.
554.10.0FVarious images across the site were not displaying consistently as thumbnails. This has been fixed site-wide.
544.10.0EChanged all lists to have a tabular format for the purposes of legibility.
534.10.0ERemoved several of the icons that were being used to display track attributes and changed them to text.
524.10.0EMade the audio control a common component for ease of maintainance which is reused across the site and is configurable as a single component.
514.10.0EConsolidated the horizontal menu into a hamburger menu to maximize space on the header of the page.
504.10.0EAdded a footer to the bottom of each page and moved the social icons as well as the site version to the footer. This is intended to free up space near the top of each page.
494.10.0EAdded the ability to create defects, defect descriptions and update defect status, and resolution as part of testing efforts when new features are rolled out.
484.10.0EAdded the ability to administer and maintain release versions in the system.
474.10.0EIncluded four new administration reports to detect bands without albums, albums without tracks, tracks that have not been analyzed or compilations that do not have a producer.
464.10.0EAdded data integrity checks to ensure that any time producer, band, album, playlist, mix, genre, harmonic key or bpm records are being deleted through the UI, parent records cannot be deleted if child relationships tied to that parent still exist.
454.10.0EAll page layouts are now configurable with the ability to specify which components of the header and footer should display on a page.
444.10.0EAdded the ability to upload band, album and track data in mass for both albums with multiple tracks as well as multiple single tracks.
434.9.0FFixed an incremental image sizing that was occuring on the 'Albums for Band' page when viewed on a mobile device.
424.9.0FAdded the content summary counts on the 'Albums for Label' page to be consistent with those on the 'Albums' page.
414.9.0FAdded the content summary counts on the 'Labels' page to be consistent with those on the 'Albums' page.
404.9.0FAdded the content summary counts on the 'Albums for Band' page to be consistent with those on the 'Albums' page.
394.9.0FAdded the content summary counts on the 'Bands' page to be consistent with those on the 'Albums' page.
384.9.0FThe pagination on the 'Genres' page now allows you to navigate to the remaining pages and presents the content correctly.
374.9.0FThe search feature on the 'Labels' page is now fixed and returns search results correctly.
364.9.0EThe genre description now shows the top labels related to that genre. The determination of top labels is based on the amount of music on the site related to that genre.
354.9.0EThe site now has ratings! Look at any track listing and you'll see the ratings for any tracks that have been rated.
344.9.0EThe 'Labels' page now has two tabs to show you both albums and tracks related to that label.
334.9.0EThe 'Bands' page now has two tabs to show you both albums and tracks related to that band.
324.9.0EThe landing page now has a tab to show the top DJ tracks for each genre based on rating.
314.9.0EWe've restructured the layout for track listings to maximize the real estate of the UI and make room for other cool features coming this year and to allow for ratings to be displayed on the page.
304.8.1EGenres, BPM, and harmonic lists have content counts now applied to them so you can preview a count of how many tracks are in that category. Some pages displaying albums have content counts as well.
294.8.1EWe have introduced a major enhancement that allows continuous play. When you are listening to a track and that track ends, the next track in the list will automatically start playing.
284.8.1ENow when you search for a band who is also a producer, their albums will also show up in the 'albums by band' view and indicate the albums that they have produced.
274.8.1FRelease notes have now been fixed to only show the most active releases that have been rolled out versus showing all releases irrespective of their deployment status
264.8.1FAudio controls now correctly show a finger pointer when you hover over them
254.8.1EYou now have the ability to seek forwards and backwards on tracks and see the track progress.
244.8.0EThe look and feel of the site has changed slightly because we've started using Bootstrap to make the presentation more consistent across pages and also make the site mobile friendly.
234.8.0EWe've updated the site to use the newer version of Fontawesome. More icons. More goodness.
224.8.0ECarousels! Now we have news and pretty pictures to let you know what we're up to. Check out the news.
214.8.0EA 'search bar' has been added in addition to the Quick Search. Now you can type in a keyword to find a band, album, or song quickly.
204.8.0EWe've changed the menu options to show an item count for that particular category. See how many bands, albums, songs or mixes we have on file at any point.
194.8.0ERecord labels now have their logos displayed.
184.8.0EWe are starting to upload image covers for our albums. Besides who doesn't like pictures?!
174.8.0EFour on Four has turned mobile. Now you can easily take all the music with you wherever you are.
164.7.0EThe tracks page now allows for sorting of any column by clicking on the respective column.
154.7.0EMulti-disc albums referenced multiple times for different discs are now consolidated.
144.7.0EYou can now see the release version for Four and Four's site and a link to see the release notes for any past version.
134.6.0F'High Definition' and 'Super High Definition' icons now display properly where previously they were either missing or not showing correctly.
124.6.0FIn certain situations the record count on the track listing pages was not calculating correctly. This has been fixed.
114.6.0FHeaders on the track listing have been adjusted to always show on every track related page
104.6.0FA fix now corrects an issue where the sorting icons where not displaying as part of the headers
94.6.0EThe album in the track listing is now linked to let you fast track to a particular album directly from the track listing.
84.6.0EYou now have the ability to view record labels and search tracks by record label
74.7.0FMany tracks that had incorrect references for them have been cleaned up
64.7.0FMany albums that are considered compilations have been cleaned up to not show the same band for each track.
54.7.0EThe producer for a compilation will now show up in the album tracks if it exists.
44.7.0ESelecting a label from the labels page no longer shows you tracks but will let you select an album first.
34.7.0EThe albums page now shows all bands based on the songs that are in that album in a single record, instead of repeating multiple records for that album.
24.7.0EA new feature called 'Producers' is now available. You can see producers for any albums that are compilations as well as lookup up albums by specific producers via the producers option in the main menu.
14.7.0EThe bands, albums and tracks page have been redone to increase performance on them.
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