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Martin Garrix has once more ascended to the apex of the Top 100 DJs poll for 2022. The prodigious young Dutchman is still only 26, having broken through onto the scene in his mid-teens via his proto-EDM tune ‘Animals’, and scooped the Top 100 DJs crown in 2016 and the subsequent two years. His great friend and mentor David Guetta won the poll the last two years, and now Garrix is back on top.

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Don't forget to check out this week's review from  Allison Wood, our resident Four on Four music sourcing expert!  You can always find our past favorites in prior editions of Tracks of the Week.

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  AC/DC  djalex
    3 hrs ago
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  AC/DC  djalex
  Atlantic  3 hrs ago
  Cradle Of Love
  Billy Idol  djalex
  Chrysalis  3 hrs ago
  Smile Like You Mean It
  The Killers  djalex
  Island Records  3 hrs ago
  My Own Soul's Warning
  The Killers  djalex
  Island Records  3 hrs ago

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